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Posted on May 10th 2017

2017 Budget Update

Good morning,
After three years of budgets that focused on debt and deficit, jobs and growth, Treasurer Scott Morrison has delivered a budget makeover.
For the first budget of the Coalition’s second term in office he has tried to strike a balance between positive measures to promote economic activity such as increased spending on infrastructure and housing and offset this with spending cuts to recurrent spending on welfare, universities and elsewhere.
As always, if you would like to discuss your financial plan in the light of any of the changes announced in the budget, don’t hesitate to call.

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Posted on March 2nd 2017

Autumn Newsletter

Good Afternoon,
After a summer of extreme weather, from record heatwaves to snow in the high country, many of us will be looking forward to the more forgiving temperatures of Autumn. It’s a great time to get outdoors and be active before winter sets in.
Superannuation is rarely out of the news these days; with big changes set to come into force on July 1, the first article in our Autumn newsletter looks at ways to take advantage of the existing rules while you can.
We also address the importance of keeping your insurance cover up to date and disclosing all relevant information. Failure to do so can cost you dearly when you need help the most. Our final article looks at the things we can learn from children. Kids are good at so many things that we adults can struggle at - making friends, dreaming big and asking for help, just to name a few...
As always, if you would like to discuss the contents of this newsletter, don’t hesitate to call our office.

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Posted on February 1st 2017

February Snapshot

It’s hard to believe its February already, with the nation back at work and kids back at school after the summer holidays. In this month’s snapshot we look at the new pension asset test rules and the importance of reviewing all sources of income before making any rash decisions.By now, retirees will know the impact, if any, of the tightening of the pension assets test that came into force on January 1. Many retirees who previously qualified for a part Age Pension are worse off, prompting suggestions in some quarters for retirees to dispose of assets so they continue to qualify. But is this wise in the long run?
As always, if you would like to discuss your retirement income strategy, don’t hesitate to call. Our snapshot this month may or may not be directly relevant to you, but you might know of someone that could be affected by this, so please feel free to share it with them.

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Posted on December 1st 2016

Summer Newsletter

Summer has arrived and the countdown to Christmas begins in earnest. After such an eventful year on the global political and economic front, investors will no doubt be looking forward to some time out to relax with family and friends. The biggest upset in November, and possibly the entire year, was Donald Trump’s surprise US Presidential election victory, so we’ve included an analysis of what this means for Australians as the first article in our Summer newsletter. As we approach the season of giving, we also look at the gifting rules that apply to retirees who give their children or grandchildren a financial helping hand. Speaking of giving – it’s very easy to get caught up in the consumer frenzy this time of year and our third article looks at ways to balance all the demands and expenses of the season.
If you would like to discuss the contents of this newsletter or any other matters, please don’t hesitate to call our office on 9443 9981. We will be happy to help. Wishing you all the best for the festive season and a happy and prosperous New Year!

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Posted on November 2nd 2016

November Snapshot

November is here and as always it opened with the race that stops a nation. But the Melbourne Cup will be eclipsed by an even bigger race this month, and that’s the home stretch to the US Presidential election on November 8, which overshadowed global financial markets in October.
This month’s snapshot looks at entering aged care and the implications of proposed changes to both the Age Pension and aged care sectors. Entering aged care involves some difficult financial decisions at a time when families are often under emotional strain. From the start of 2017, these decisions are likely to be even more complex. One of the biggest changes is to the way the family home is assessed under the Age Pension means tests. Our article outlines the changes and what they mean for new residents when deciding whether to sell the family home or rent it out.
If you would like to discuss your aged care financing options don’t hesitate to call us.

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